Discover the Exciting World of CME FIT Classes

Our classes at CME FIT on Franklin are designed to ignite your passion for fitness and cater to a wide range of preferences and fitness levels. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness newbie, we've got something for everyone. Explore the diverse array of classes we offer and find the perfect fit for your fitness journey:


Join a 45-minute indoor cycling experience that builds strong legs and cardiovascular endurance. Enjoy the thrill of energetic music and a group dynamic, all while controlling the intensity of your workout.


Looking for the ultimate mix of HIIT and strength training? Our BIKE & BAR class alternates between intense leg-burning cycling and muscle-pumping strength exercises to give you a comprehensive workout.


An exciting program that mixes the best of Strength and Cardiovascular training!
This is the ideal session for people waiting to improve their overall health and fitness... a 30min class where you will be pushed to your limits.


Centre your energy and redefine yourself with Group Centergy®. This 60-minute mind/body workout blends yoga, Pilates fundamentals, and athletic training to enhance balance, mobility, flexibility, and core strength.


Have you ever wondered how you can build a stronger lower body especially core & booty.... come and try our 30min class that will focus on strengthening those 2 areas.


Get ready to sweat with a smile during this 30-minute DANCE-FIT session. Come and get your groove on while trying the latest club, urban, and Latin dance moves plus many others for a sizzling cardio experience.


Kick some...! This session burns calories and builds total-body strength with mixed martial arts (MMA) movements. It's an explosive, motivating, and challenging workout that adds variety to your training routine.


Designed for the young at heart, this class helps you maintain strength and fitness while enjoying a supportive community.


This 30-minute calorie-burning mystery class keeps you guessing with each session. You'll engage in various activities, from cardio to weights and bodyweight exercises, making every workout unique.


Bringing back the 80’s style Super Circuit Class… 30minutes of machine-based weight training mixed in with some High Intensity Cardio... we may even have the 80’s playlist going.


Push your body to the max with this 30-minute high-energy workout, featuring bodyweight moves and time- and rep-based training that's bound to get you hooked.


Experience a unique 30-minute metabolic resistance workout that's perfect for building muscle, burning fat, and improving overall fitness.


Feel the power in your muscles with this high-rep weight-training workout. Using adjustable bars, weight plates, and bodyweight exercises, this intense workout combines squats, lunges, presses, curls, and motivating music.


Strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and develop a well-toned body, that is lean, mobile and balanced. In 45 minutes, you will experience a unique workout completed on a Pilates Reformer. Our reformer pilates classes cover all bases by ensuring our sessions incorporate strength training, endurance, cardio fitness and stretching.


Achieve better fitness in just 30 minutes with a calorie-burning cycling session. Improve muscular endurance and cardio fitness with surge, short intervals, and a powerful finish.


Is a 30-minute-high intensity bike class that focusing on improving your overall cardiovascular fitness and endurance.


The possibilities are endless in this class... uses barbell, barbells, kettlebells and bodyweight to hit all muscle groups with an element of surprise.


Focus on strengthening and toning your midsection during this 30-minute class, using a range of movements and equipment.

Dive into the excitement of our classes and embark on a journey to a healthier, more energetic you. Whether you're interested in cardio, strength training, flexibility, or balance, our classes have got you covered. Choose the ones that inspire you the most and join us for an incredible fitness experience.

Don’t wait, start your fitness journey. Join CME FIT Today!

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