Why CME FIT is Your Fitness Playground

At CME FIT, we’re all about making fitness feel like a party you never want to leave. Check out the awesome services we have in store for you:

  • Group Fitness Classes: Get ready to sweat, challenge yourself and laugh with our epic group fitness classes.
  • Cardio Galore: We’ve got cardio equipment that’s begging to be conquered. Challenge yourself and your friends.
  • Training Rooms Aplenty: Explore multiple training rooms designed to unleash your inner fitness beast.
  • Reformer Pilates Room: Strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and develop a well-toned body in our intimate classes of 3 participants.
  • Spin Room: Get your spin on and pedal your way to glory in our vibrant spin room.
  • Squash Courts: Love a fast-paced game? We’ve got squash courts to keep you moving.
  • Half-Court Basketball: Shoot some hoops and unleash your inner basketball superstar.
  • Infrared Sauna: Relax, rejuvenate, and sweat it out in our infrared sauna.
  • Steam Sauna: Steam away the day’s stress and let your worries dissipate in our steam sauna.
  • 24-Hour Acc

Meet Your Support Crew

Our staff isn’t just friendly; they’re your fitness buddies, your confidantes, and your biggest cheerleaders. They’re here to guide you gently, offer sage advice, and help you conquer those fitness goals, all while having a blast.

The CME FIT Community

Our members are like the coolest squad in town. They’re here to welcome you with open arms, ensuring you feel right at home while you work up a sweat.

Flexible Fitness for All

Our opening hours are as flexible as a gymnast in a circus. Whatever your schedule, we’ve got you covered. Just ask us about our timetables, and we’ll find the perfect fit for you.

Unleash Your Inner CME

Ever wondered what CME stands for? It’s not just words; it’s a way of life! CME stands for:

- CARDIO, MUSCLE, ENJOYMENT: Because fitness should be a joyful journey.

- COMMITMENT, MOTIVATION, EXERCISE: Because commitment fuels motivation, which powers your exercise journey!

I did my first active class this morning and felt really comfortable doing it! The instructors were fantastic. If you couldn’t do an exercise, they would help you do a different one.


Don’t wait, start your fitness journey. Join CME FIT Today!

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